E95: Embracing Your Loneliness: A Recipe for Disaster or Deeper Compassion?

E95: Embracing Your Loneliness: A Recipe for Disaster or Deeper Compassion?

"I don't wanna be lonely no more..." (Rob Thomas, 2005) 

We're in a loneliness epidemic and we want to find a way out. But what if there's something to be gained by EMBRACING LONELINESS in healthy ways instead of simply trying to eliminate it? Jason Gaboury, author of Wait With Me: Meeting God in Loneliness, joins this week to talk about the extremely counter-intuitive approach of finding greater compassion and connectedness by embracing our loneliness.

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Creators and Guests

Jon Steele
Jon Steele
Jon Steele, a 2011 InterVarsity alumnus from Minnesota State Mankato, lives in Mankato, MN with his wife Kaitlynn and their two daughters. He’s been on staff with InterVarsity since 2012 and has been hosting After IV since its debut in 2020. He is also the producer and primary editor for the podcast. Jon enjoys gaming, reading, and leading worship at his church.
Jason Gaboury
Jason Gaboury
Jason Gaboury serves as Director of Alumni Relations with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and is a member of the Anglican Order of Preachers, a religious community committed to prayer, community, study, and preaching.